Learning about Beekeeping

i think they’ve settled in

I forgot to put bricks on top of the hives this afternoon when I was there, and I also wanted to check and make sure nothing weird was going on, so I drove out to the beeyard for the 3rd time today to check the hives (no opening, just watching the entrance) and put the bricks on top. I saw bees coming and going, some with pollen, most without. Seems like they’ve accepted the homes we made for them, so I will be able to sleep tonight.

2 Responses to i think they’ve settled in

  • Your being to sound like a typical beekeeper, forgetting this and forgetting that. Well it will get a little better but not by much.

    Did you leave water out for the bees or is there a source near by?

    What is the mesh on your bottom board? Is that a screen for a screen bottom board?


  • hi Ken,

    I was hoping I would get better at remembering what I need to do!

    I didn't leave them water, but the washing station for the CSA is nearby…. hm…. I guess I should put out some water to keep them away from the people trying to clean vegetables.

    The mesh is a screen bottom board, yes. It was annoying trying to paint the wood at the entrance there.

    Good to see you and everyone at the BBQ!