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gone in a day



I sold a container of honeycomb to a friend a few weeks ago, and today she told me “It was gone in a day”. What a compliment! Comments like these make me want to expand my operation by about 4x. ┬áIt’s a big decision, though, because it takes time and energy. And I’m still learning.

Some days I want to give up the idea of selling honey and keep it all for myself – yes, I’m greedy that way – and some days I want to get a few more hives so I have more to sell to all the people who want to buy more when they finish the first container they bought. Because I’m all sold out. Already. I was almost sold out before I even harvested my second batch this season.

It’s hard to make a living beekeeping. Selling honey, for me, is a way to offset some of the costs of a very expensive hobby. If I wanted to make a living I’d probably need a thousand hives and some hired help.

It goes well with my business, though. I’m posting at Sarah’s Kitchen Gardens almost daily, which is why my posts here have been sporadic. I’ve been spending a lot of time trying to define what I do and to finalize the details of my product line and figure out how to put PayPal on the website, to name a few things that keep me busy these days.

I can’t give up the bees, though. They are amazing.