workshop review


bees in the observation hive

I was pleasantly surprised to discover recently that one of the people who attended my intro to honeybees and beekeeping workshops wrote a little review on her blog! Thanks Bianca!

Inspired Wonder‘s honeybee workshop review.

These workshops were geared toward families, so they were not highly technical nor were they designed to tell you everything you need to know to be a beekeeper. I’m more about raising awareness of honeybees and hoping to share the love.

I also want people to know the difference between a bee and a wasp. When someone tells me they were harassed or stung by a bee I always ask, ‘was it a bee or a wasp?’ Most times, in this city anyway, it was actually a wasp. People see yellow and black flying things and they immediately think “bee!!”

Do you know what percentage of bees (not including wasps and hornets, because, well, they’re not bees) make honey? First correct answer wins the 1″ pin pictured below.

honey pin