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teeny tiny hive

teeny tiny hiveHere you see the hands of Ken, adjusting the frames of his little model beehive. The wee box is resting on the much larger, normal-sized beehive. Ken is going to leave the small box on the larger box – there’s an opening in the bottom so the bees can come up into it – so the bees will draw out the honeycomb a bit. He doesn’t want them to store honey in the little demo hive, but he does want them to show what they can do in building up the wax in preparation for honey storage. He brings this hive to places where he talks about bees, so people can see in miniature what the hives are like.

I think it’s a great idea. Not everyone wants to come and stand in a swirl of angry bees to watch you work, so why not bring a little model to show them what the hives are like? Much better than carting around a full-size model!

Obviously this picture was not taken recently – much too much green for that – I’m going through my pictures and posting the ones that I wanted to show you in the summer but didn’t have time for.


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  • Ken

    For a minute there I thought I missed winter. Not that I would have got any bee stuff ready but the thought is there.