Learning about Beekeeping


Some people have to learn the hard way. I didn’t think I was one of those people, but apparently this time I am. In the beekeeping course I took, the concept of ‘bee space’ was drilled into us. It’s important to keep a certain small distance between the frames in the hive in order to keep them easy to work with. If you leave too much space, the bees will build crazy bulging comb and make the frames harder to work with.

Guess what.

Somehow I managed to completely forget that lesson. Oops. So, when I went to check on my hives, I had crazy bulging comb and frames that were hard to work with.


I had to scrape off the crazy bulging comb. At least it wasn’t brood comb I was destroying. I think if it had been brood comb I might have tried to think of another way, but honeycomb? Yummy! They’ll fix it.