Learning about Beekeeping

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business card

Here’s the thing about beekeepers: put any two together, and you’ve got five different ways of doing things. My mom was talking to a beekeeper at the Port Colborne Market and happened to mention that her daughter was a beekeeper. Well, there’s another thing about beekeepers: once you get them going, it’s hard for them to stop talking about bees. And if there’s more than one beekeeper, then they’re talking about methods of beekeeping. In this case, my mom was getting advice for me. On the back of this business card are a number of tips on getting the most honey from my hives:

1. Don’t use a queen excluder. I’m not sure how the honey stays brood-free in this case, but I have a number to call so I might just use it and find out the details from the beekeeper himself.

2. Ventilation! Using a vent-box on top of the hives is supposed to help out the bees. I remember something about this from a beekeeping meeting awhile back, and I’m thinking I should check this out.

3. Bees from New Zealand. Well, I don’t think that will be happening, but I might look into it anyway just for kicks. Because I like to look into things….