Learning about Beekeeping

here we go again


harvesting honey

I’m harvesting honey today. The hard way. Like last time. That’s what happens when you  let the bees build their own foundation comb. Since the comb is built mostly perpendicular to the frames, I basically need to cut it out and mash it to get the honey out. Beeswax candles, anyone? I’m generating way more beeswax from this honey harvesting event than normal beekeepers would. Normal beekeepers, I’m told, use plastic or wax foundation in their honey supers so that the bees will build where they’re supposed to. Hm.

Well. I wanted to try a different technique that I heard about. I got mixed results. One of my honey supers has perfectly straight honeycomb built in the frames as it should be. The other, well, here’s a cross-section of one of the frames. Notice the honeycomb is completely perpendicular:

90 degree honey

This is why I’m mashing and straining and waiting and THEN filtering. Sigh.


3 Responses to here we go again

  • This is still the most beautiful and amazing piece of nature to me:) I always love to think of where our local honey comes from when I see the jar. Thanks for sharing your experiences- i am learning a lot and hopefully someday I will be able to keep bees!

  • Thanks Erin, I have to agree – it’s amazing to me how honeybees do this. You will keep bees one day, I know it. You’ll find a way. 🙂