Learning about Beekeeping

first honey harvest


cutting off comb

Since I had a super full of crazy curvy comb – that can happen when you don’t use foundation – I couldn’t just pop my honey frames in an extractor and give them a spin. First, I had to cut the comb from the frames. I used the wires in the frames as a guide, so it all came out in strips.

comb in the pot

Then, I smashed it so the honey would be released from the cells,

smushed comb

and let it drip out the bottom into the pot below….

dripping honey


honey cocoon

Repeated the process, down to the very last crazy curvy comb.

crazy comb

Now I have roughly two pots of coarse-filter honey that still needs to be fine-filtered, and a pot of beeswax with some residual honey on it.

honey haul

Next steps are filtering the honey and putting it in jars (or something else, other than my 3 big pots!). And melting the beeswax to release more honey and maybe make some candles.


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