Learning about Beekeeping

a taste of honey


honey filter

I’ve filtered my first half-cup of honey through this old food mill that belonged to my Grandma – see the honeycomb in the cone – and now I just want to look at it! I’ve tasted it, but that’s all. It’s a very light yellow – here’s the comparison to Ken’s:

honey comparison

It tastes different too. It would be nice to know what flowers the nectar came from! This honey came from scrapings between my two brood boxes – I was in there anyway, looking at the brood frames, and this was just burr comb – honeycomb built between frames – and it needed to be scraped off. It was full of bees, too. I left it in the plastic margarine tub for a few days before I opened the tub to filter the honey!

So delicious.

And still too wonderful to eat.